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Friday, December 6, 2019

Nikki Haley Would Like to Be Recognized By Her Party

Ok. So, the flag represented service and sacrifice for treason in defense of chattel slavery and then it represented a heritage of white supremacy, and thhheeeennn along came Dylann Roof and made it weird? (She did not always think that.) And it wouldn't even be this whole racial thing if the media hadn't reported it like that (all manifestoes aside....)

Gotcha. The funny thing with using signifying language in this way is that other people can recognize you, too. It's the most pandering thing we've heard from her since she claimed Trump was always truthful.

But while pondering whatever it is that Nikki Haley is all about, a moment to just ponder the results of the passage of the House bill to restore and expand the Voting Rights act of 1965. Just to note the vote totals: how the Democrats and Republicans voted.

I'm just saying.

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