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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

This Story has a Whiff of the Aquatic Life About It

Now, I know that dwelling on this is just obsessive, but if the First Lady knew very well that her husband was going in for a planned check-up, why in the world would she be concerned about speculative information out on the media? She would have been "in the loop" about what was going on! It seems like some kind of needless embellishment to chide others about making any minimally-informed speculation (which I guess is fair; it does border on the ghoulish). She would have known he was ok, so she....sigh.

Before I spend another brain cell on this, suffice it to say maybe he's just jealous of Rep. Steve Scalise for having the kind of wife who would cry if he was in the hospital. You know, not every wife would do that.

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bluzdude said...

I think there's a high likelihood that she neither knows nor cares where he is at any given moment.