Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In Case You Missed it

President Trump actually told everybody that he thought former Vice-President Joe Biden should get the electric chair for some random made-up thing he thinks happened based on Russian disinfo (and is wholly wrong) and his own disapproval of the sheer gall of anybody to run against what is supposed to be our favorite president.

He said that out loud where the people could hear.  The electric chair. Because this whole "innocent until proven guilty thing"? That's not his bag. His idea of due process is "do process people I don't like in a blender until liquid."

Trump's wheeling and dealing with Mulvaney withholding the Ukrainian military aid and having a very urgent phone call with President Zelensky has House Dems looking way more seriously at impeachment, because of the extortion of a foreign government (who are basically at war with Russia so, also what is Trump's entire deal, here?) over help with his election thing he was very apparently doing. So Trump is out here doing the most impeachable shit imaginable, but he's going to offhandedly say, no, but Biden is the real treason, you guys.

Just like "But her emails," while he was getting all the help by Russia trickling DNC dirt via WikiLeaks?

Yeah, we saw this movie before. This man is not fit to be president. Even if his semi-treasonous and altogether Constitution-violating shit was together, his mouth gives him away. If he wants to say Biden deserves the electric chair for his corruption-adjacency, whatever are we to make of Trump's hydra of office abuse?

I shudder to think about saying out loud what the conduct he has displayed deserves using the electric chair on this scale. My personal morality would only feature very non-luxurious accommodations, for a long time, for his infractions.


bluzdude said...

Execution for treason is not a door he should be opening if he values his ability to continue breathing.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Maga Horde is yearning for him to declare #KilltheLibs and when the Dems do declare Impeachment there is going to be a loud cohort of rightwingers who decide it's time to round-up and murder Americans again.