Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, August 1, 2019


There are too many people on the Democratic primary debate stage, and not all the folks who shine on it are stars. I completely am in agreement that we need to look at the front-runners and recognize (even if some of the lower-tier candidates do not) that not everyone has the same chance.

Also, while I think it is terrific that we have so many women candidates in the primary this year, I do not think we have to treat all of them with the same degree of interest--especially not a woo-mongering anti-vaxxer and an Assad apologist. That might sound harsh, and yep, I completely meant it. Even if both women make some strong points, their weaknesses far outstrip my tolerance for them.

The media who are trying to make either of them "a thing" should be ashamed.

(And no, I did not watch all of either of these messy things. Nobody pays me to blog, and I find them painful.)

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