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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Smokey the Barr

Only an Attorney General could do the job Trump seems to require: blowing enough smoke to obscure the things his campaign and presidency so far appear to be liable for, and setting up distractions to divert attention away from the general White House weirdness.  It sure does look like Trump has got himself an Attorney General, by gawd. And based on the job he seems to be doing, I think I will dub him "Smokey the Barr."

Because only he can prevent Trump reputational fires. Maybe. Basically Trump's reputation is like the coal pit in Centralia, PA that has been burning for decades, but you know what? Barr feels up to the thing. I have no idea why. To me it looks like Nothing But Trouble. 

Ahem. Anyway, Barr said on Wednesday he thought it was very serious business if the Trump campaign was spied on (Great shades of Trump's March 2017 Tweet regarding the "Wiretap"!) and also said he was going to look into whether things like that were going on--maybe he didn't have a group yet, but he could! damnit! Maybe there wasn't proof for it either but--you get the idea! 

If that doesn't half-sound like someone coddling the delusions of a boss one knows to be tetchy about things, I don't even know. Of course we could investigate Comey and Sztrok and Page and the Steele Dossier and relitigate whether Clinton's emails were a case. Whatever!! So long as we don't think too hard about why the obstruction still seems to have happened (via numerous parties related to the 2016 Trump campaign lying about stuff) , and whether the underlying case (not about Trump, per se, but about Russia's interference) was valid. And the Russian interference bit actually seems pretty solid. 

And Barr should well understand the difference between spying and a counter-intelligence investigation 

Barr is doing a whataboutism whenever he gets away from whatever is in Mueller's report. It really just comes down to, what does it say, and why is he being so cagey with it?

Is he really doing the heavy lifting regarding the Constitution that he signed on for (his oath)? Or is he here to put out Trump's reputation fires? 

Until I know, based on what I've been hearing, he's Smokey the Barr to me. Trump's mascot in the deep woods, trying to prevent a wildfire encroaching on Trump's presidency.

But the screwed up thing of it is, Trump is the arsonist of his own reputation, too. And Barr is going to need unearthly hustle to try and put out fires faster than Trump creates them, because after all, Trump had a head start. 

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