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Monday, April 22, 2019

Sarah Sanders Proudly Lies for Trump

I noted a little bit earlier that Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies for Trump and sounds more like him all of the time. The Mueller report revealed that Sarah Sanders lied and admitted she did when she said that she had received messages from people in the FBI who were happy about the firing of Director Jim Comey. Her answer to being pinned down on that was less than great: it was 100% accurate that she got some messages to that effect, but it couldn't be considered "countless".

Yeah. Because whether the messages were "countless", and not whether they were happening at all, was the issue. I direct to others who were paying attention:

Did she say this multiple times over multiple days as a "slip of the tongue"? Moreover, doesn't it seem like this is a pretty Trumpian lie? Like, not only did he fire this guy, but everyone was not sad and the ratings were very good? That's Trump-talk.

She actually lies all the time. Of course, Sean Spicer did this too and Kellyanne Conway still does, all the time. The problem is, when the public-facing folks who represent the White House are known to be proven liars acting on behalf of Trump's attempts to spin the news cycle, doesn't it become that much easier to see him sort of suborning perjury because he figures all of the people who work for him are responsible for his good press as well as their duties?

Because that's exactly how I'm seeing it, just on the basis of the very obvious trail of people actually lying for him very publicly then doubling down when getting caught lying. It's even looking a little cult-like, I hate to say.

But as to the couple minutes kerfuffle where Huckabee the elder was concerned about whether his daughter's head would actually roll--that's just stupid. And I have no doubt that no matter how stupid it was, the Huckabees are proud of themselves for stupiditing at this level. But goddamn, being Trump's fig leaf is a stupid job. And fig leaves never cover non-naughty bits. So congrats on this sweaty, dumb, dishonest position, Sarah, and I will never be part of the crowd who says you need to resign. I only hope you understand fully what you are doing and hate it every day you do it.

And I encourage all news and entertainment outlets to very well recall--her job is lies. She lies. It's her job. Lying.

But also insulting--because saying she's not a robot programmed to tell the truth automatically like Democrats might do implies that lying was always a feature, not a bug, in her also-robot-like programming.  She lied on automatic. She slipped and reflexively made something up. Who does that?

She admits herself--not Democrats. She lies though. They have bad programming that says true things ineffectively. She lies with a purpose.

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