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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Things You Say: Your Purple Prose

So, for the record, KellyAnne Conway said several times that Flynn tendered his resignation himself, because Trump is very loyal to his people, and would have supported him wholeheartedly, but had to accept his resignation because blah blah blah. Even when no less a journalist than Matt Lauer pointed out that her explanation made no damn sense.  In his press briefing, Sean Spicer alleged two interesting things: that President Trump called for Flynn's resignation because of an "evolving and eroding relationship" (not at all what Conway depicted), and that no Trump campaign folks had connections with Russia before the election.

And that was apparently as big a lie as any Conway ever told. Trump aides were talking with Russia all the damn time. And it's pretty damn obvious that Trump knew about at least Flynn longer than a minute ago--because Acting AG Sally Yates, who got fired, told him so. But I don't know whether either Trump or Pence needed to get told about what was up with Flynn contacting  Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak back in December, because nobody has to reach out five times or so to tell a person "Merry fricking Christmas".  Russians celebrate Christmas in January for one damn thing, and Flynn was on it right when Obama was slapping on the sanctions.  Please--it's an insult to pretend away what this implies--

But this is what WH spokesfolks are trying--to pretend it away.

And so are certain people in Congress.

But I will say this--both Spicer and Conway have just about zero credibility right now. I don't think we're ripe to make any odds about impeachment or resignation for Trump himself as yet--although some houses are making book about it. But I'll say there is a race as to whether Conway or Spicer get their separation orders first.

The pity of which is, they were both apparently just doing their jobs--you know: following orders about what to say. And bon chance to Trump&Co about filling their billets. Defending this in public feels like a suicide mission.


Professor Chaos said...

They've been working on this a long time and finally achieved it. Facts are now optional, the truth is whatever they want it to be, and anything that casts them in a bad light is "fake news." No wonder they scoff at the "reality-based community."

Anonymous said...

agreed Prof. of course, when enough of their supporters lose their health insurance, because they got rid of the ACA, I suspect they'll stop believing. nothing like having to write a $300 check, for a prescription that used to cost you only $20 out-of-pocket before you lost that health insurance policy.