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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Not Self-Aware, Nor Aware of Much Else

There is a lot going on with Lara Trump, on Fox Business Channel, "explaining" that letting in refugees was one of the worst things that happened to Germany. The use of the words "downfall of Germany" is awkward not just because "Downfall" is the name of the movie that spawned all of the angry Hitler memes, but also because demonizing immigrants was one of the things Hitler did a lot of, and rejection of refugees was one of the most tragic things the US had done. Also, Fox is one of President Trump's favorite propaganda outlet. And if it were not for nepotism, we would not even know who or what Lara Trump is. And Angela Merkel is someone President Trump seems to like to shit talk about. (It is not adorable that the president of the US needs his kids and their spouses to say positive things about him and his policies on television.)

There's sort of self-parody level of too much Trumpness, but with a disturbing undercurrent of possibly not actually relating the refugee issue with respects to Germany due to mere ignorance combined with possibly not seeing a problem with fascism itself.

In other, not half-disturbing news, it's possible that Twitter hasn't banned Nazis because the algorithm would necessarily also ban some US (GOP) politicians. This certainly is problematic, but maybe it should be more problematic for the pols who say white supremacist things, than the platform that would prefer to exclude them?

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