Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, February 19, 2018

Check out Mitt Romney!

It was not so very long ago you could hear folks saying things like Utah was a great place for Mitt Romney to run as an anti-Trump Republican for the US Senate this year, and it almost sounded right because, sometimes, Romney would sound off on Trump, like after his racist Charlottesville comments.  Romney made it clear that Trump had revealed himself to be quite different than what Romney expected of him:

But he just doesn't know how to quit him. I would say this is because Romney has an overweening sense of ambition and self-regard that makes principle itself seem like a trifle. But then, one can not forget that Romney is, however nicely he presents himself, dirt--or so I have viewed him since he politicized a tragedy on 2012. 

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Thomas Ten Bears said...

If we had had that wall a hundred years ago Willard's grandfather wouldn't have been able to sneak his family back into the country after denouncing his citizenship and fleeing to Mexico to preserve his polygamous lifestyle.