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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Time Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers

I think they got this exactly right. A quick look around at some of the stories and columns of the day tells why--

Weinstein's Complicity Machine : People went out of their way to cover up and abet a powerful Hollywood insider for years.

This editorial by Gretchen Carlson (who should have been profiled by Time, as having been the one to finally bring down Roger Ailes).

This disturbing story from a recent accuser of retiring Rep. John Conyers, who appears to have made a chilling threat demonstrating just one reason assault/harassment victims don't come forward.

A new account regarding Senator Al Franken, which demonstrates why even "Nice Guys" don't live up to expectations.

This allegation from Janet Porter, senatorial candidate Roy Moore's spokesperson, that his accusers are the real criminals, showing how even some women don't believe other women.

And there is so much more. It is horrible to know how many people have suffered abusive behavior in silence--it is good to see so many not being silent anymore.

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