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Monday, December 4, 2017

Badder Than Tay

This is not about putting down Taylor Swift, because I appreciate her talent and "Bad Blood" is one of my favorite videos and tearing down a woman to uplift other women is actually sort of shitty, but somebody went too far and asked "Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift." And the Twitter response was actually...

Really freaking inspirational. Because there have been some absolutely amazing badass women in the world who should be recognized as heroes of their own life story. The resulting Tweets were stories of great-grandmoms and grandmoms and moms and historical warrior Yas Queens! and survivors and makers and doers. There were athletes and soldiers and bandits. There were educators and activists. There were journalists and programmers and astronauts. There were women of color and women who were marginalized.

And we need these stories to get made into books and movies and get this part of history reclaimed. I would spend that talking picture money I'm not investing in the local mining concern and watch all the movies about these people, right here.

UPDATE: And Taylor Swift was also a silence breaker. And she was right to be angry--if someone is going to manhandle Taylor Swift, what would that same person do to some low-paid or unpaid intern(s?) in the radio industry? She had the means and put them to good use.

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