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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Roy Moore the Eyesore

I've taken a few blog posts in the past couple of months to point out what a scoundrel I think Roy Moore is, but I think the subject deserves just one more before the election.

President Trump has thrown his strong support Moore's way, and the feeling is apparently mutual. And it looks like Vladimir Putin has thrown some support to Roy Moore, and it sounds like the feeling is mutual, there, too. (Maybe this explains why Nigel Farage is about; I can hardly keep straight all Vlad's puppets anymore. If you were interested in talking about the opinions of carpetbaggers.)  The RNC has renewed their financial support of him, even if this move angers and alienates some Republicans who find Moore repugnant.  But I find the most recent campaign events to be very fascinating--

A pro-Trump superPAC has had the candidate sit down with an unlikely interviewer--a 12-year old girl. I'm not sure what the optics were supposed to be--here's a nice young lady that Moore doesn't perv on? (Not likely he would be pervy on camera, anyway, right?) 

At this evening's campaign rally, supporter and former Trump aide Steve Bannon said that there was "a special place in hell" for Republicans who didn't support Moore. He was consciously mimicking Ivanka Trump's comment that there was a special place in Hell for people who prey on children. One could possibly derive an opinion from that that Steve Bannon doesn't give a damn about the well-being of children when the agenda of the party is at stake, but the enhanced quote reveals he could give a fuck about the establishment GOP as well. I really have no idea what Steve Bannon gives a fuck about and find I give a vanishing amount of fucks about that. 

In response to claims that Roy Moore is anti-Semitic over comments he had made regarding George Soros,  Moore's spouse Kayla has come up with a fascinating rejoinder: One of their attorneys is a Jew.  Oh. Well. Enough said.

And as an amusing anecdote that shows Roy Moore's colorful side, an old military buddy recounted the time that they "accidentally" happened by a brothel in Vietnam that had very young prostitutes, sex slaves, really, and stranded some guy there overnight to do whatever...

Which is exactly the story one does tell on a person accused of groping teenagers. 

It's a shitshow, but to be exact, if this rancid bigoted weird creature is elected to the Senate, this eyesore will be Alabama's monument--and no one should really want to see that. 

UPDATE: And then there's his respect for the Constitution, as in, except for the modern bits, and some of the old bits, he nearly thinks it should be upheld. Things like ending slavery (such as we had in what Moore consideres "the good old days") and women voting are what he would consider "problems".  I think he is a problem.

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