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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Is That Scoundrel Roy Moore Still Here?

Roy Moore would like to file suit to delay certification of the Alabama Senate election results because he believes there is FRAUD! (In a state with voter ID laws, no less!) And he found a conspiracy theorist who does MATH! that agrees with him! He's also taken a lie detector test that shows that he doesn't think he did anything sexually inappropriate so people should stop SAYING BAD THINGS! And he'll have to stop fundraising if the election is really over, and then he'll only have his charity-grift.

And he can really go away now. He was a terrible candidate and he lost despite endorsements from Steve Bannon and the President and a bunch of fairly awful evangelical people who should feel bad about themselves and won't.

UPDATE: The lawsuit was rejected because sometimes a loss is just a loss.

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Harry Hamid said...

He should stay in the news as much as he can, constantly reminding people that he exists. Maybe he and Joe Arpaio can take their show on the road.