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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Cast in the Image of the President

The Presidential challenge coin of Donald J. Trump breaks with tradition in a few ways--for one thing, it is not round. Coins are usually round, but Trump's has a banner with his name at the bottom. The name "Donald J. Trump" is also at the top. His signature is also on it. And the Presidential Seal and the motto "E Pluribus Unum" are gone, but his motto: "Make America Great Again", is on it. 

I would say it breaks tradition because Donald Trump doesn't consider himself a part of preceding tradition. Could a nation that bears a motto "Out of many, one" be the same that tolerates Trump's appalling ideas about who the many actually are? This is not a challenge coin, so much as a struggle coin. He struggles to believe he is President.  It is the insecure emblazoning of a name all over an office he has little business being in. As with Trump's whinges about fraudulent votes being responsible for his loss in the popular vote, his touting of his electoral numbers, and his flunkies' lies about his inaugural crowd size, he seems like a person desperate to prove his legitimacy, and would do everything except the one thing that might prove it--act presidential, even a little!

Eh. Is this coin as tacky as the Presidential medal swag?  I do wonder if people receiving one will be quite as impressed. And coins do exist that have Trump's likeness on them, which have quite a bit of value, of the only sort I would have believed Trump to actually understand

He can not help being so personally cheap, but it is sad to see everything he touches becoming cheap as well.

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