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Friday, November 10, 2017

Roy Moore is a Scoundrel

The candidacy of AL Senate hopeful Roy Moore took a grim turn with the recent well-sourced story regarding his pursuit of sexual or romantic relationships with girls in their teens. I was quite happy to denounce him as a Tea Party sort of crank with disturbingly bigoted undertones. But it looks like Moore has left some signs that he is a bit disordered in his thinking about rape and child abuse.  It's astonishing that a person who remained so steadfast in denouncing the immorality of gay people and who had to be removed from a custody case between lesbian parents, turns out to be so toxic--or does it? Because it is well-said that religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel. 

And boy, did this guy, and his apologists, try to lean on religion. I think the most theologically-misshapen thing I've viewed is this argument that Moore's pursuit of teenage girls was quite alright because of Joseph and Mary. It is shockingly hypocritical and bizarre.  I guess this person gave up on the Virgin Mary idea, right? And also has decided Joseph is the actual DNA father of Jesus. And also would empty the prisons of other jailed miscreants under similar charges of cruising for the underaged?

I'd be willing to imagine our state auditor from Alabama would sooner break his own teeth than chew over those conclusions.

But because the scoundrel in question is GOP--? It is disgusting to think that some ethos of party over principles might give refuge to a child rapist. But this is exactly what we seem to be hearing right now.

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