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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I Just Don't get Donna Brazile

Maybe it's just a side-effect of all the conspiracy-theory bullshit nonsense that has been blown around by third-rate hacks for over two decades regarding Hillary Clinton, but when someone decides to write a book addressing the 2016 campaign in ways that keep referencing conspiracy theories regarding Seth Rich's murder, or Hillary Clinton's health, or whether the primary was rigged, or calls the Clinton campaign a "cult"--I am going to suspect that person of being self-serving and I will not like that person as much as I used to.

And I won't even speculate about where that person is coming from. It is possible that these statements or narratives are just the personal way that Brazile views the election, and if she aired these views and some of the facts about her perspective happen to be wholly wrong, then it should be on her to set the record straight. But that she has aired these views apparently without vetting the fact-claims first, and without respects to how they would be received in an atmosphere already tainted with tons of misinformation and disinformation, makes me shake my head.

It's just feckless. It give ammunition to rumor-mongers and doesn't shed a new light on anything at all.

I'm disappointed. At this point, it really doesn't even matter to me what her intent was. She is not new to politics. But she seems to be a little new, right now.


Unknown said...

Someone else I read commented a few days ago that she's probably getting ready to cash in and sign up to play a "Feckless Liberal" commentator for Fox News.

The longer this goes on and the more odd she gets, the more I think that this predictions is correct.

mikey said...


Seriously, why are so many liberals even giving this long-time hanger-on a platform.

She's never been elected. Never even stood for election.

She's a 'strategist', a 'campaign adviser'.

Fer crissakes, she's Papadapoulis with a longer track record.

She. Does. Not. Matter.

Primaries do not matter. They are not constitutionally mandated, a political party is a private advocacy organization that can choose its nominee however it pleases. And it SHOULD make every effort to nominate the candidate it believes has the best chance of winning.

Otherwise you get Boaty McBoatface.

This really isn't difficult...