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Monday, September 18, 2017

This TrumpWorld Grab-Bag Might Be Wired

It was awfully late last night that I took the time to read about the astonishingly poor op-sec choice of some of the Trump-orbiting lawyer-satellites to discuss White House business in the out-of-doors where journos could hear--but wow! There are clearly other things going on besides open-air discussions about who's got info in a vault and who is trying to oust Jared Kushner. Here's the particular gold nugget of interest to the prospector:

Tension between the two comes as life in the White House is shadowed by the investigation. Not only do Mr. Trump, Mr. Kushner and Mr. McGahn all have lawyers, but so do other senior officials. The uncertainty has grown to the point that White House officials privately express fear that colleagues may be wearing a wire to surreptitiously record conversations for Mr. Mueller.
That fear of a "wire"--where did I hear that before? Oh, yeah, from Trump Himself, on the day he decided that he was the victim of an Obama "wiretap".  My own guess about that was that he could not have been wiretapped except if there was a warrant because of suspected wrongdoing, but he could have been picked up because of the type of crowd his campaign preferred to run with.  Not that he was directly targeted--just that he fell into a particular net.

It turns out, that net might have been intended for Paul Manafort, who had a lot to do with Ukraine and maybe Russia and so much more. I'm not sure what Trump knew when he made that March 4 Tweet, but he apparently thought something pertaining to the campaign had been looked into. And since Manafort was suspected of reaching out to the Russians over the Trump campaign...

But that's all so very speculative! Maybe Manafort was a target of the FBI because of things happening even prior to the Trump campaign--but while we're at it, why was Trump still communicating regularly with Manafort (who he alleges he barely knew, despite him having a residence at Trump Tower?) after Manafort left the campaign? Maybe this kind of question should cause Trump to pause before directing his smears (directly or through surrogates) against people who understand the story of his campaign--possibly even better than he does.

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