Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

If you were Wondering--

Is the PR debt the reason Trump isn't rushing any military assistance, like the USNS Comfort,  down there?  He is Commander-in-Chief after all. Also, I would say as a good old fashioned techno-capitalist, if Google isn't shushing on down there with Project Loon and AT&T and others aren't thinking of ways to get them some cell-signal boosts--they are missing out (I am serious, they need this help, but let me talk dollars and cents) on a great display of technical know-how and a great advertising opportunity.

Same deal, you guys who do solar panels and electric generators. If you have the warez, send 'em down PR way. They need it. The Virgin Islands also need your skills. Bring them, and show off what you can do. We are on a warming planet where floods and disasters like these are going to occur more and more. Display that you have the know-how to sort out these technical difficulties. You will get repaid, I can goddamn guarantee.

It looks like the US Government is not the best of us at the moment (except for you civil service professionals that I know are champing at the bit to help)--so it might just be up to the rest of us. No grifters need apply. But these folks haven't just lost domiciles and cell connections--the island of Puerto Rico has had its vegetation stripped and its potable water fubar'd--inventors and investors, bring your solutions. These people need you.

These are Americans, and their status as debtors means not one thing at all. They are our brothers and sisters, and they need help.

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