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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Graham-Cassidy is Dead: The Possibility of ACA Repeal Remains

Republicans aren't going to vote on the completely awful Graham-Cassidy bill, but they are couching it in terms like "postponing the vote" and saying they "will get to it". Later. After tax reform. Which they don't actually have a complete plan for. But maybe...

Look, there is a very good reason this bill got pulled without a vote--as I said, it's completely awful. Doctors don't like it, insurers don't like it, disability rights activists don't like it, Republican Senators don't like it. So why pretend this is going to be a thing? Obamacare repeal is the "making fetch happen" of legislation. GOP congressfolks keep trying it, but it just isn't really popular. And they fall back on, "Well, we campaigned on it."

Which seems to mean they got donor money for it. So here's a bold possibility--maybe donor money doesn't fucking rule the world, and sometimes politicians have to listen to the voters. Maybe the ACA isn't the devil, and just needs tweaks. Democrats will agree with that premise. (Although probably for a different definition of tweaks. No one ever said this was an easy process. Only a jackass would have thought so.)

And then everyone can vote on a bill that isn't maggot-gagging. Just a thought. But that Senate Majority Leader McConnell hasn't had that thought suggest to me that he might not really be that good a leader. At blocking a Democratic President--great. At getting shit done--meh. 

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