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Monday, August 28, 2017

Climate Sunday: Bless Texas

There is an amazing grace people can show in a time of overwhelming tragedy, and while a part of me does feel a need to point out that this possibly 500-year flood can't be separated from the specter of climate change, and that city-planning in future needs to be wiser overall, it's the heroes I want to point out--people who are helping one another.

These stranded older women of a Dickinson, TX nursing home were saved.

The US Coast Guard is doing their civil duty:

There are civilian and civil service people working together:

We will come together as a country:

We have journalists not just risking their lives in the flood zone, but trying to save others:

They are telling the stories that need to be told--of human bravery and resilience. They are letting people know important details they need to know to help them survive.

We have NOAA and other science professionals tying to assess what further weather damage will occur.

There are heroes everywhere in this catastrophe. There will be terrible stories in the days to come, but I wanted to concentrate on the heroes, the people with their small boats, or their basic great humanity and steady physical bravery, who helped their fellow humans out. They are all amazing.

My thoughts are with those suffering tonight and for the weeks, months, and even years of rebuilding to come. This is a terror (and knowing some people re-located from New Orleans and the surrounding areas to Houston makes this a nightmare lived again) but I know people coming together can do great things, and I wish Texas (and Louisiana, who will also see a piece of this) the best I can hope for--that it passes quickly, and that the local, state, and federal authorities do right by you.

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