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Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Dark and Stormy Night in TrumpWorld

The phrase "it was a dark and stormy night" is a much-parodied line evoking florid prose of a certain level of ridiculousness--of course, nights are actually dark.  "Stormy" is just added as convenient foreshadowing. Things dark and stormy--news at 11! But this being the darkest timeline, "dark and stormy" is now completely accurate for the US state of affairs--the gulf coast of Texas, home to tens of thousands of people and about a third of our oil refining capacity, is bearing the brunt of a category 4 hurricane. The potential for massive flooding, power outages, mass human displacement, loss of life, property loss, and environmental disaster are all laid out there--and on his way to Camp David, President Trump entirely gave his thumbs-up assurance that things would be okay and wished folks in the path of the disaster "Good luck".

I have problems with the response, but whatever. For one thing, you can't begrudge the guy a trip to Camp David, because he naturally needs to rest between vacations, and I personally have come to the conclusion that if he actually sleeps at the White House, he gets visited by the ghosts of Presidents past.


RN: Dooonald.

DT: Who is that?

RN: This is Richard Nixon, Donald, and I have a message for you.

DT: Richard Nixon? What are you doing here?

RN: Enjoying the air conditioning. The message is: there is no air conditioning where you're going.


For another thing, can you expect empathy for people who will suffer at his potential reputational expense? I mean, here they are, poised to lose their property and lives, but has anyone considered how this will make Trump look? Because Trump has.

And while you were looking at the hurricane, here is what Trump is up to:

Let's just start off with pardoning his Birther Buddy, racist-ass Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  The guttingly gross thing here is, Trump swore to protect and defend the Constitution, and Joe Arpaio was charged and convicted of violating other peoples' Constitutional rights. This tells me all I need to know about where Trump stands on the Constitution. But please, check out this thread from the Phoenix New Times. Despite Trump's praise of a long career, what we really have is a long career of abuse of authority and human beings.  Sure, this is an utter disgrace. But I bet his base (the kind of people who don't see the problem with Birtherism, and think Charlottesville was a false flag, by now) might celebrate it. Because libs will cry. Although we're kind of crying for the Constitution and how it was nice to have Democracy for a bit.  Damn shame if there are Conservatives who don't feel the same way.

But that isn't all the fuckery. He's looking to undo DACA--but I guess he's saving up making that a big deal until he needs the announcement that it is happening and is a big deal. He's solidified the details of his trans ban in the US armed forces.  That isn't necessary or even any good ever.  And there's the letting go of tv-friendly possible Nazi Seb Gorka. . (Actually, that it pretty good.) With a back-drop of North Korean missiles and enduring Middle East crisis.

Were we not supposed to notice how not good everything nearly Trump does right now is, and let the hurricane be his figleaf?

Not damn likely. This weekend is barely begun, but already Trump's worst--how much more do we need before everyone understands we don't need him?

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