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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I am Still Mad

A year ago, when the deadliest shooting in the United States impacted the Pulse nightclub, I was mad. I was mad because this country has a problem with violence, because this act of terrorism was directed at a marginalized community, because we use words like "thoughts and prayers" to smooth over the tragedy, and then nothing happens. Orlando remembered this anniversary with "a day of love and kindness". We do well to remember the victims, and mourn and celebrate their lives with their oved ones.

But when I try to address this, I'm still mad. I want to believe love wins, but sometimes it is hard to believe. I can't look at it in the context of being just a deadly terrorist act or specifically an attack carried out by a radicalized Muslim, without looking at whether there's a kind of dull, idiotic, hateful, everyday terrorism people who hate perform, in less staggering numbers, against any community--LGBT, people of color, people of other faiths, including Muslims. Any community. I don't think I've fully gathered all my thoughts about that, or ever really will.

I just still want to believe that love will win, and am also still mad.

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