Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, April 17, 2017

The White House Does Easter

It's not that Trump forgets to place his hand over his heart during the national anthem until his spouse gives him a helpful nudge, or even the fact that the 139th annual Easter Egg roll was sparsely attended, and KellyAnn Conway implied it was a practically a favor to the country that Trump bothered to have it at all. Oh, jeepers, no! It isn't even that Trump threw autographed hats into a crowd that the bearer had meant to keep*.

It's that this sort of thing is supposed to be the easy, normal stuff--and just isn't. Pulling off an Easter Egg Roll party is a Celebrity Apprentice task. De-escalating a potential nuclear conflict in the Pacific rim, that's the hard stuff. This is why some of us worry--not to be snarky. But because this awkwardness is easier to talk about than the real fears we have.

UPDATE: In the interest of being scrupulously fair, from another angle, it appears the kid dropped back and Trump threw the hat to him. I wish I could find other angles from which Trump appears to be doing the right things.

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