Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Alex Jones' Highly-Modified Limited Hangout

Somewhat popular CT radio host and "truth"-seeker Alex Jones has, despite his ample help in raising the profile of current White House Occupier-in-Chief supposed Russian-connected "billionaire" Donald Trump (who owes an awful lot to fake news"), found himself in a bit of a bind--continue on his mission, as he sees fit, to spin reality into neatly-exaggerated piles of biased pablum for the faithful to suck up and chuck up on Twitter and other social media fora, or hold his family together keep custody of his kids with a plausible "untruth"--he isn't a true believer, but a mere "entertainer".

I know. You could say "But Pizza Gate?" or "But Sandy Hook?" But huh! This is such an old ploy--did you know back in the day, one Rush Limbaugh had to sometimes be an entertainer, when his shenanigans grew too fretful? But he and his bullshit perseveres. Even though he pretends that the idea of his being an entertainer only came from The Left--and not because the right was disavowing his worst palaver!

So, I would presume, things would be mega-ditto with Jones. He can cheerily deny that he intended harm or even believes half of what his show consists of--all the while still spewing like a bullshit volcano. As a character, of course. A semi-respectable lying bottom-feeding character.

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