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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

I have some basic questions about what is happening with the very executive Chief Executive the USA has found itself with--how is he doing as a manager of an elite staffing arrangement that covers multiple agencies of varying disciplinary concentrations? Does he seem to be staffing these positions with an understanding of what these various Departments do, or does his placement of appointments and nominations suggest cronyism and "old boy's school" sort of handling? Is he right to complain about whether his nominees are being slow-walked to their eventual confirmation (because Democrats aren't numerous enough to block anything on their ownsome)? Or is he basically just crying in his oatmeal because he is overwhelmed about filling in positions he though were going to just fill themselves?

See, Trump has complained that his cabinet is uniquely bare because Dems are delaying confirmations. And I agree they could be trying! But I think this is in part because he isn't picking the best people, but rather, people who are awful and who generate the kind of citizen calls to their representatives that really make a difference.  But Trump also isn't filling in spots all that quickly, and sometimes, when people are in, they find themselves out because not enough vetting. I think Trump thought this would be easier than it turned out to be, and there is a term for why he thought that. It isn't charitable, but can be summed up as: the reason a lot of us (2.8 million more than voted for Trump) rejected him as POTUS--he doesn't get what the job is or how to do it.

And that goes for how to staff it, or how to manage the press other than as an adversary, or how to not look like a Russian stooge.

Trump has a team, of sorts. But his White House falls short of the teamwork building I would think a manager of his experience should be producing. If he was a Celebrity Apprentice POTUS, I'd be think about his firing right now.

I think he should be thinking about his firing too.

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