Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Trump Purges Will Be the Bigliest

Now, I guess it makes sense that when we think about what a Trump "purge" would entail, we'd mostly think about the many millions of deportations he promised.  But in actuality, there is another purge that seems to be afoot: it definitely looks like he's planning to slash the federal government, and it definitely looks like the House GOP is fixing to help him by enacting a scheme where certain federal workers could have their pay slashed to an unlivable amount. Ensuring their separation from employment for the welfare of themselves and their families.

It's worrisome that the incoming Trump folks have started to look into who does what in many federal organizations, as if fully meaning to make a purge of employees who won't fit with a Trump agenda. Sights have even been set on revamping the US intelligence community.  Even parts of the Trump transition team, like former CIA Director Woolsey, can find themselves on the outs with Team Trump if they aren't totally copacetic with the message.

He's also told all the Obama Ambassadors where to go, even though replacing them all will be quite a process.

So, believe me, I get it--he means to start afresh with all new folks who are all onboard with whatever he wants. But what about any respect for institutional knowledge--the kind of understandings that come with time and experience? What about acknowledging that some career folks know their bailiwick cold and have lots to teach? What about accepting that bright, interested folks can have differing positions from one's own, and can still be capable and inform?

He doesn't get it--he's opposed to it. Institutions can be upended and function poorly, and he doesn't care because he barely knows what those institutions do. The people who elected him don't either. The whole thing is pretty galling.  I feel like he's eating away at the structure of something that deserves better. In the meanwhile, the House Republicans have been talking about defunding the UN.  And defunding Planned Parenthood, and probably giving Girl Scouts fresh Indian burns daily.

Not sure how so many Republicans who apparently hate government, got so driven to be elected members of it--no less how they stay year after year when their opposition to governance and its norms becomes apparent.

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