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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Bondi Shande

In a uniquely Trumpian fashion, there is word that FL AG Pam Bondi will be taking a position in the Trump White House. The same Pam Bondi who got a $25K donation from the Trump Foundation which was not at all ethical, and coincided with her choosing not to pursue Trump University on behalf of many Floridian claimants? Yeah, really. That very same Pam Bondi.  

Would that also be the same Pam Bondi who has other allegations of corruption surrounding her, to the extent that reptoid in a people suit Rick Scott even threw her under the bus for a bit over postponing an execution because the timing didn't work with her self-promotion.

She is a breath-taking piece of work, and her receipt of a campaign donation from Trump, followed by a White House position, all for the simple non-job of not following up on a consumer complaint, tells us an awful lot about how she will fill whatever role was found for her.

It is:

Outstanding choice, Trump transition! So much obvious naked contempt for even the remotest semblance of rectitude. There are only so many words; I am bereft.

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