Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Transitions are Scary Things

Well, there is a little ray of light to add to Gary Legum's depiction of what Trump's hacktacular Administration bench would look like--it's possible that the bloke he picked to run his transition team (and as I've mentioned before, does he pick the best people, or what?) might be out after the recent "Bridgegate" hearings found two of his ex-aides guilty on all counts.  It's not a really biggie. I mean, Christie was going to stump with him in New Hampshire, but that could be off now.

Does that also mean that leading the transition team is also off in the event  of a Trump win? That would be awkward. But then again, Trump is the guy who offered Christie the running mate role, only to take it back.

There's a Greek tragedy aspect to this, but I'm mostly thinking of a twelve-letter word I hardly use on this blog that sums up the core flaw of Oedipus. As in--aren't they?

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