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Saturday, November 19, 2016

HATAWL 4: Sessions, Flynn, Pompeo

It's almost impossible for me to do more than the LA Times editorial board in saying that yep--this is what you'd basically expect a Trump cabinet to have, if you listened to his rhetoric. Rep. Mike Pompeo is pro-torture and the surveillance state, and anti-Iran to the point of wanting to roll back a plan that actually is working to contain possible (not that I've ever bought it) nuclear ambitions on Iran's part. Sen. Jeff Sessions is a person who I think should never be in a position to mess with the Civil Rights Division at DOJ, since he doesn't seem to especially believe in the value of civil rights. And Gen. Mike Flynn is in a category of his own--a "right wing nutty" (to use Gen. Colin Powell's phrase) registered Democrat (who says there is no such thing as outreach across the aisle?) who has precariously enough (as the late lamented Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan might have noted) entitled himself to his own facts. And is a creature of the "swamp". (For what it's worth, Rep. Pompeo owes not a little of his success to the Koch brothers, and Sen. Sessions--well?  It appears the Heritage Foundation likes him very much.)

They are of such a piece with the totality of Trumpian logic I must, dejectedly, admit no further comment is necessary, nor for my part, even possible.

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