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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro Has Finished His Speech

The revolutionary who became a dictator of Cuba has died. His speech has ended. Clap, you buggers.

Clap for the people he silenced. Clap for the harm he had done to his people. Clap for the exiles and the refugees. Clap for the self-aggrandizement. An era there is nearly over. He chose quite a year to die. But he has. And something must come after Castro. Something more democratic and free. Fidel Castro hung over the recent history of Cuba like some heavy pot lid. But the lid is off.

My condolences to those who mourn him, but my best wishes for those who are creating a better post-Castro future for Cuba.

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Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen,
I have mentioned before that I thought we were in a new zeitgeist. I think the death of Castro is another indicator in this direction. In the winter time one of the 4 tattvas is predominant. And it is the time when all of the old deadwood is cleared out to allow for something new.

In the East if there is a war, they would say that Kali is thirsty for blood. In the Qaballah we say that the Ruach Elohim is like a glass blower with a divine energy dynamic blowing through the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, creating new and different aspects in Malkuth of Yetzirah. Despite materialistic allegations all of the theosophical systems of the East and the West tell us that behind the scenes forces are moving that provoke different effect in the material world and human behavior. This is another way of looking at the nature of a zeitgeist.

A question that presents itself is what are Democrats to do now? My answer would be that Democrats need to start being Democrats again. It would surprise some to know that for a long time Democrats haven't been Democrats. Ever since the 60s a new philosophy of activism, guerrilla theater, provocation have been done under the banner of the Democratic Party.

This is not the philosophy of true Democrats. It is a philosophy that evolved out of the “New Left,” and I was there when it happened.

John Kennedy was typical of what Democrats really are. Not a group supporting people calling for police officers to be murdered, but people administering the country in a sane and inclusive way that also recognizes the limitations of government in dealing with people's personal lives.

As you know Kennedy was the Cold Warrior who stopped Khrushchev from placing missiles in Cuba with the encouragement of Castro. Bertrand Russell wrote a book about this called Unarmed Victory, and he chastised Kennedy for being a war provocateur. Actually, Kennedy had the guts to face Khrushchev down and send his ships back to Russia. He wouldn't allow the US to be under constant threat of an attempt at Russian hegemony.

Kennedy lowered taxes when he wanted more revenue to be generated and return greater sums to the treasury. He told us that a rising tide lifted all boats, and the more money people kept from their own salaries and the more economic activity that could be generated from money grown in the private sector, the greater would be the government's take from the GDP.

In other words Democrats were not screaming or suggesting violence or coming out with anti-American bromides. Democrats did not believe that we were a society involved with class warfare. They were sane administrators who could act in America's defense when necessary, lower taxes when that was a good idea, and still consider ways in which govt could lend assistance to the less fortunate. Democrats were not trying to define groups and pit them against each other. That is all the product of the New Left that in part was supported by Communist front groups.

My thinking is what Democrats should do is go back to being Democrats and weed out the short-term thinking and solutions that were inspired by the New Left.