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Thursday, August 18, 2016

So The Pivot isn't Ever Coming

There has been discussion of whether Donald Trump would ever pivot from the primaries and try to embrace a sober-sided realist version of politics that acknowledges that there are people who don't find that his messaging appeals to them, and want to see him flesh out a real campaign. The jettisoning of Paul Manafort as a frontline campaign manager makes sense as a way to diffuse a particular scandal,. but the Trump machine seems to have framed changing campaign managers as having more to do with whether Trump was "feeling it".  To wit: Manafort made him feel "boxed in" by trying to make him act like a legitimate adult regarding things like his dumb Cinco de Mayo taco Bowl Tweet. And Trump didn't wanna be an adult, and Manafort wasn't his real dad, and screw you, old man!

So, Steve Bannon is going to at least share Trump's vision of how a campaign should work (Bannon has never run a campaign before) by cheerleading whatever Trump does (based on the recent Breitbart work-product). And this is how you know the idea that Trump is going to "pivot" to appeal to a wider audience is bosh. Breitbart is not centrist or even moderate rightist fare. They've been getting sort of alt-right since before Andrew Breitbart signed off forever.

Kellyanne Conway, another recent addition, becomes campaign manager, and she is supposed to be able to translate conservatism to woman-speak. She never did figure out how to rehb Akin, though. Part of her charm for Trump is likely the ability to relate to children. This is not a good sign.

But as the video above shows, the Trump campaign might not really be looking at signs (like polls) that traditional campaigns do. They might be, for all I know, just be going by Breitbart web traffic.

But no, that pivot is never, ever happening.

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