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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Angels in Orlando

The Westboro Baptist asshats were turned away by decent folks in Orlando, who decked themselves out as angels to block the anti-gay protesters from disturbing the peace of mind of the grieving. This was done before, at the funeral of Matthew Shepard.

I wonder, sometimes, what the cognitive dissonance must be like--being a WBC protestor screaming and carrying signs condemning people for who they love, but coming across decent, loving, empathetic communities who are feeling true, compassionate emotion--not seeking to create ugly drama.

Do they ever pause to consider that parasitically harassing people has built up over time a kind of "immune response" to their hate that only reinforces, ironically, the command "Love one another"? Are they trying to be the sand in the oyster that makes a pearl of wisdom?

Or are they just rabid horrorshows? Because in Orlando--we saw angels. And WBC protesters watched, and perceived them not at all. Their total and complete loss. But our reassurance that life and love and memory and the sanctity of our shared humanity go on. We have angels--they just have dumbass signs.

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