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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Good Weekend For Hillary Clinton

The wins in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have brought Hillary Clinton that much closer to her actual numeric clinching of the necessary amount of delegates sometime Tuesday night--give yourself a hand, Ma'am!  It also brings a little bit of contention, as some Sanders supporters had been blaming long lines on a manipulation by the Clinton campaign in some kind of cahoots with the local party to close precincts. The local party officials in Puerto Rico have fired back that maybe it's the Sanders campaign who needs to check themselves, because it was actually Team Sanders that asked for reduced polling places anyway, because they didn't have the volunteers.

I don't have any answers about the controversy, except a minor question-- why in the hell would Team Clinton try to close polling places in a territory where she polled comfortably ahead albeit in one poll, when she's already comfortably ahead, generally?

As with similar claims about Arizona, where long lines brought claims that Sanders voters were particularly disenfranchised (where Clinton joined with Sanders and the DNC to sue over the multiple problems) it's pretty damn hard to understand a strategy where Clinton would want to limit voting in states where she's ahead in the polls.  Now if you put together some semblance of vote tampering where she was behind in the polls and it directly resulted in her going over the top--I could grant you the possibility that the fuckery was real. But consider the shocker in Michigan where Bernie Sanders waylaid Hillary Clinton at the ballot box--did you hear cries of "foul" then?

I'm watching how the Sanders campaign is winding this down, and I can't say I'm impressed. (Re: the preceding link, like the preacher said of donations from a sinner, "The devil had it long enough.")  I know Sanders has repeatedly said that the job of winning over his supporters to her side is her own job. I like to think I reasonably demur when I say that sometimes, leadership lies in doing things you don't want to do, or even have to do, but guess should do anyway because if you are a leader, you just know. Making it harder by throwing out conspiracy theories and bad math is not going to make the rest of the party he still wants to sort of represent like him a whole lot.  And while I will support the Democratic nominee, if he somehow won over the superdelegates despite the entire will of the voters preceding, I think I'd stay mad the whole time. I'd vote against Trump because I'm not crazy--but I'd stay mad.

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