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Friday, May 27, 2016

Well, I Don't Think That Will Happen

So, if Senator Sanders doesn't get a debate with Secretary Clinton before the June 7th CA primary, why not have a debate with Donald Trump? And Donald Trump would love to debate Sanders, too, because "he's a dream" and they could raise $10-15 million for a notable charity like women's health or something like that. It could be done at a yuge arena or maybe Cenk Uygur's very generous offer of a million dollars for charity and to host the debate on his news network could bring Trump's idea down to plausible reality--you know, if Trump was "a man of his word."

But I wouldn't take it for granted, because getting Trump to own up to what he promised to the veterans was like pulling teeth. From a frog. And while using the debate with Sanders is a way for Trump to soften up Hillary Clinton by proxy, it might not really be worth Trump's effort. After all, Sanders could show him up.

Sanders wants a last airing of his ideas to present a case to California--understood. A debate with Trump would be a high-publicity way to get that, and while Donald Trump seems to be playing it off as a speculative joke, I can see where a real experience politician would find benefit in doing it. Best case scenario for Sanders, he gets in some lasting digs at Trump as being for the 1%--if not the one out of 7 billion! (Trump, Himself!) But I couldn't believe that Trump would ever let it be about airing serious ideas and comparing different visions of the world. I think it would devolve into the eventual past-time of a Strangely family reunion--

Talking about folks who aren't there. It could become a Clinton pile-on. And that actually would not be a good look for Sanders in terms of going too negative at the tail-end of a primary, and it surely wouldn't be good for party unity. It could be worth a lot of publicity--but let's face it, Donald Trump's empty podium has gotten more airtime than some candidates this cycle, and maybe that publicity isn't the kind you want to take lightly.

I say it shouldn't happen. Sadly, if it does, I'd watch the hell out of it.

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