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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Trump Problem 3: Did I Mention He'll Say Anything?

The meeting that took place with Donald Trump and a handful of Republican lawmakers was partially billed as a meeting between Trump and Paul Ryan--part of the process I've been calling "getting Ryan to 'yes'". While Speaker Ryan didn't endorse Trump (yet) I'm pretty sure I heard the strains of the traditional wedding march "Momma Brought a Shotgun and Daddy Brought a Jug" composed in G minor for the world's smallest fiddle playing in the background.

It was a positive meeting. They are very convinced that Trump is so conservative enough for the likes of the GOP establishment. Which comes just in time for the revelation that Trump's former butler is a racist conspiracy theorist who called for President Obama's lynching.

Now, I'd would say a man can't be blamed for what an employee does with his private social media, but it certainly is an uncomfortable reminder that the main objection a lot of people would have regarding Trump isn't his conservative resume. He's not being protested everywhere he goes because he's an acceptable conservative to the establishment--it's because he's a racist conspiracy theorist.  And he fully intends to continue using being a bottom-scraper in his campaign.

So while it's very nice that Trump can sometimes put on big-boy manners, I think it's appalling that his "charm offensive" is being read as anything other than offensive, period. But it certainly tells me something I already know that the GOP establishment is willing to work with it if it's all they've got.

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mikey said...

I can't even say how much I'm enjoying this. The Republicans built the American right into a frothy, bloodthirsty rabble and now it's sacking their village. They can't even get their base to LISTEN TO REASON - you know, cutting tax rates on the 1% and cutting social programs to pay for it - because they're all worked up about black people and brown people and gay people and trans people and yellow people and russian people and muslim people. They're victims - victimized victims who feel victimized. Trump will get their revenge, punish their tormenters and restore their righteous place in the universe.

The fact that he'll do wonders for voter turnout by the time he's finished insulting, alienating and offending large swaths of the American electorate is a free benefit.

Truly, he is the gift that keeps on giving...