Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This One Sounds Broken

Welp. Rubio is on repeat again. Sure, you can make all the jokes you want about whether his campaign has tried switching him off and on again to see if the problem clears up, or checking all his plugs, but to be honest, when they started to see the condensation forming on the outside and kept pouring water in, they should have known they had a coolant failure.


mikey said...

The thing is, what he's trying to do is REALLY hard.

In this entire primary season, the only candidate who can pull it off - speaking extemporaneously on a broad variety of public and foreign policy topics - is Hillary Clinton. She's wicked smart, deeply experienced and has been immersed in these topics for decades.

No other candidate even pretends to try it - they all breezily toss off policy headlines like Trumps wall or Sanders single payer - but they refuse to let anyone trap them into actually speaking to policy details. They know that if they have to get down in the weeds, they're going to be exposed.

Rubio thought he could do it. He thought if he studied, read, talked to advisers and developed some canned responses, he could come off looking like the wonk wunderkind, the handsome charming young expert, Paul Ryan with charisma.

You can't blame him for not realizing that's no how it's done. Or I dunno, maybe you can. I suspect he, like many of his peers on the right, stayed in the echo chamber bubble, and never went out and found out that the real world is full of smart people and you can't fake your way through it.

You either duck it like the rest, or you put in the effort like Hillary - and even then, you may very well be exposed, because compared to Hillary Marco Rubio is a lightweight fratboy...

Vixen Strangely said...

The thing I find interesting about the lines his record skipped on is that they seem to be partisan applause lines--one a slam at Obama's version of "change" and the other about how Hollywood is jamming alien (liberal) cultural values "down people's throats". I suspect that he reaches for that kind of line, in part, because they are a kind of filler that appeals to the echo chamber. The pity of it is rehearsing those lines until they are thoughtlessly automatic means he's spent less time on the things that, well, need to be thought about.