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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jeb Bush Makes Me Feel Bad

This week, Jeb Bush seems to have brought his mom around to supporting his campaign, which is great, because she wasn't that excited before, to be honest. This surely means Jebmentum is on its way. Or not.

See, I think the guy has a "unforced error" problem that is going to be insurmountable. Take the water crisis in Flint. Now, Marco Rubio ducked and said he didn't really know about it, and Donald Trump ducked and said he didn't have anything to say about it. But here is Jeb Bush:

“I admire Rick Snyder for stepping up right now. He’s going to the challenge, and he’s fired people and accepted responsibility to fix this,” Bush, a former Florida governor, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
Yep. "Heckuva job, Rick Snyder." After a year and a half or so of covering it up and ignoring it, the Michigan Republican is finally getting around to spreading the blame between his administration and anybody else he can point at. And Jeb calls that leadership. But when you're happy to tout getting an endorsement from your mom, maybe a participation trophy does look like a major award.

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mikey said...

In '08 the party nominated John McCain. The rabble was disappointed.

In '12, the party nominated Mitt Romney. The rabble was pissed.

In '16, the rabble will be choosing the nominee, much to the party's chagrin.

Jeb! never had a chance...