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Friday, January 22, 2016

Carly Fiorina and the Class Trip

There was a time when I thought that maybe, with a little spit and polish and some donor-money, Carly Fiorina might be just the kind of pathological type who could clean up into a nice Establishment sort of candidate.  She would still be kind of awful, but it would be a livable kind of awful where her business reputation and previous political failures could be airbrushed out so long as she presented herself as a serious Chamber of Commerce business-friendly Republican with solid values.

Welp. Being that kind of candidate probably wouldn't have helped her this election cycle anyway, but her pro-life thing just got weirder because it seems that she hijacked a class trip to a botanical garden for an anti-abortion rally. 

Who does that? She basically saw small innocent people, something in her grasping little skull said "Oh good, props!" and she set about acquiring them for her own political purposes--without the consent of these kids' parents. (And of course, they are little kids, they don't even grasp what exactly is going on to consent for themselves.) What astonishes me is that the adult supervision for those minor children let them be put in that position and never considered that it might be a bad idea.

News flash--other people's young children are not props. They have families who might not think their kids should be used for a photo op. Even if Fiorina realized that just standing by herself in front of a honking huge fetus picture was awkward, it really didn't give her any right to fill out her little stage with a passel of post-borns.

I don't know if it looks desperate or just weird. Either way, I was wrong about taking her seriously.

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