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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The 2016 GOP Contenders' Debate in Las Vegas

The debate last night was a feast for fact-checkers. As covered in the comments of the last post, Carly Fiorina endeavored to show she was in like Flynn with the military by name-dropping generals who got dropped out of the leadership line-up. This was found to be mostly false. You know, lefties can make the same case about George W. Bush--Shinseki, Zinni, Casey, Abizaid, possibly Kevin Byrne, all kind of got in the way of the Bush Administration's claims that the Iraq War would be a cakewalk and few troops would be needed and they certainly wouldn't be deployed on missions until total exhaustion. Mostly, Bush rewarded Generals like Jerry Bremer. Know what he did? Then you see the problems inherent with politicizing the military in the first damn place, and in the second place, recognize that the reason the military  has a civilian as Commander in Chief is because decisions have to be made sometimes for reasons no military man would accept because of his loyalty, appropriately, to his troops. But which a statesmen might well make knowing that battles are not just about territory, but what is accomplished in "hearts and minds" terms.

Remember those signs about "Do you miss me?"  regarding George W. Bush? I'd have to allow that GWB was better informed and prepared than this lot, and at least has measurable charisma. Trump has charisma, but I'll admit it totally loses me. He didn't know what the nuclear triad is--the land, water, and air delivery systems we have in place for the when and if we ever launch a nuclear strike. Senators Rubio and Cruz know this, but when Cruz makes comments like he'd make the sand glow anywhere, I agree with Hillary Clinton--he sounds over his head--that's a definite last-resort. I think Rubio  might have a better temperament, but I still feel like he hasn't taken being a senator, what with missed votes and hearings, seriously enough to have the well-rounded consciousness I'd like in a president.

The "undercard" was ludicrous. Watching Senator Graham roll his eyes at former Senator Santorum saying ever so many very ludicrous things made me feel very sympathetic for a serious contender in a match where his qualifications are not being appropriately accorded. All the same, he waxed nostalgic for GWB, which I can't get with, myself. Santorum was opposed to ladies being in combat--which is a shock to actual women who have been in combat. Frankly, history is stupid about not recognizing women as properly combatants or properly in combat zones. Of course we are. Talk about whether Kurdish women are great warriors. No really--we are not incapable. Vaginas don't cancel out the ability to fight in anyone with the size, strength, and training to go for it. Mike Huckabee, a guy who never served ever in any military capacity ever, said millennials should "earn their freedom" by serving in wars.

And something tiring about Chris Christie even knowing King Abdullah well enough, to even be his guest one time.

These candidates are so generally bad! I think none of them are qualified!

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