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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ben Carson's Campaign is Shaken Up

Although a shake-up in the campaign had been telegraphed, word that the Carson campaign's campaign manager, communications manager, and about 18 other staffers had resigned sounds like a pretty big deal.

I'm not sure how this will affect the campaign because this is a damn weird campaign. I've pointed out that he isn't a traditional or particularly experienced candidate, and his campaign looks like it mostly exists to fundraise, not to actually get the candidate elected. The campaign has pretty bad media-discipline, which was particularly apparent when an actual story featuring Carson's foreign policy advisors indicated that he did not really know what he was talking about where foreign policy was concerned.

One of those advisors, Maj. Gen Robert Dees, is now Carson's campaign manager. That seems awkward.

But the whole campaign is awkward--take for example the fundraising. Carson raised $23 million this quarter, topping Ted Cruz's quite respectable $20 million. This is despite poll numbers that have collapsed the last two months. And yet the campaign chugs on, while the candidate maintains a book tour and paid speech schedule.

It seems...irregular.

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mikey said...

Meh. Unlike Trump, who's logevity and popularity have forces us to take his campaign, if not him, seriously, Carson is a clown, and has only proved it over and over again. He's too uninformed and mis-informed for even the most Fox-immersed true believer, who can find far-right ideology with less overt chemtrails-level crazy. Nobody is served to take Carson at all seriously, or even to pretend his candidacy matters.

We're currently looking at a Trump/Cruz/Rubio contest, but things will become clear once the voting actually starts. Super Tuesday is March first, so we'll know what's real in the next 90 days. But we already know that Ben Carson is NOT a genuine part of this election cycle...