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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ben Carson is Out of the Box and Brand New

So, the above is Ben Carson's ad making the case that he is not, actually, a person "in the box" of people who are political insiders, but is a person "outside of the box" who is going to have new ideas because--look ma! no box. If Ben Carson were a cat, he'd be in a box, because, let the record show, cats love boxes. But he is not a cat, cats can't run for president, and humans who are citizens and over the age of 35 can.

Vote for Ben Carson--he's a guy, and he is not in a box, because if he were more box-proximate, then he'd be a totally unelectable cat, amievennearlycorrectaboutthisthing?

People are starting to wonder if he even knows what he is talking about. (He doesn't.) His policy seems to be made up on the fly and needs details filled in--as if he made up his mind to run for president first and then thought he might come up with schemes of how to do it later. He's raising scads of money, but it's getting plowed right back to fundraising for the most part, like it was a campaign that existed basically to make money, not to strategize.

It sort of looks like he's propped up with a kind of buck-raking scheme. I dunno. I've felt the same kind of way about Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich's campaign structures--they aren't actually solid.

I don't know when the Carson bubble bursts. But I feel like these current polls are definitely a bubble.

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