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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

There was a Presidential Debate Tonight!

A presidential debate--yayayayayayay!

A GOP debate. Oh. Well....

So, I could seriously analyze it--but let me start off by saying the format where there's an undercard "kid's table" debate is starting to seem really insulting and like a rotten waste of time. So why aren't these people dropping out of the race so they can stop wasting our time? It's not that they have no right to run--they just have no reasonable expectation to win anything. But even the main event debates seem like maybe they are a little too populous. I don't think Mike Huckabee is really looking to be president. I'm kind of wondering what Chris Christie really thinks his odds are. And again, the outsiders, Carson and Trump, say really odd things that make it questionable whether they have the firmest grasp on policy.

The winner and loser of the debate seem to be above. Rubio was capable of dealing with questions with reasonable political instincts and impressed people watching the debate. Bush didn't do a lot of talking, and frankly wasn't about being there.

General impressions:

Rubio: Polished like a finger nail, and about as deep. But his debate coaching must be immaculate. But gosh he seems young. You know how sometimes a parent is asked if maybe their kid should have another year of kindergarten? Sort of like that. But sheesh--he's so tired of the Senate kindergarten.

Fiorina: She has no regard whatsoever for the facts, and says things that are completely wrong with utter confidence. How has FOX News not picked up on her yet? Also she will simplify the tax code to three pages--and that was when I realized she was about that grift, ladies and gents. She also said all of Obama's policies and all of Clinton's policies are just the worst. FOX News, are you listening?

Cruz: When asked what his biggest weakness was, he rightly understood that he was not the candidate you wanted to have a beer with. But he might have admitted that our Earth facial expressions hurt his waxy outside membrane--it could have gotten him some sympathy.

Trump: This guy said his biggest weakness is being too trusting. Forget this is Trump--the guy who thinks he's too trusting should negotiate things with other world leaders? It's sort of a job interview question fail from someone who never had to do too many job interviews. Seemed bored. Maybe two hours was a little more than he felt like debating.

Carson: His tax plan does not make sense and he almost saw it but will almost certainly think it makes sense tomorrow. Also he was involved with a dodgy supplement company, sort of like Mike Huckabee.

Kasich: Yeah but that isn't going to happen, right?

Huckabee: The candidate who wants a national sales tax and the end of diseases with this one weird trick. He's for following the rules unless you're Kim Davis.

Christie: I'm not sure he got any time. Sorry. He didn't really. Except for the thing about fantasy football. Really? Why does this stuff get into a presidential debate?

Bush: Fucking quit you intestinal parasite. At some point he said if a Democrat was willing to cut ten dollars in the budget anywhere, he'd give them a warm kiss, and it sort of makes one stare into his oddly proportioned mouth and think "Deficits forever."

Paul: Is hating on the debt ceiling like he dented his hair on it as a child and it was never right again. I got more on that later. Totally won one on getting a better green room, tho'.

Am I leaving anyone out? There's too many of them. It's like a quiverfull primary or something.

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Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, I came to see your reflections on the debate. As you know I have dialed back my observation of political matters simply because the ideological bias of most commenters makes their views irrelevant. Furthermore, I no longer have an inexhaustible appetite for watching people say horrible things about other people. How on earth can anyone get a kick out of this after the first couple of hundred denunciations?

Anyway, you were less harsh than I expected. As I've previously said, I have zero tolerance for another Bush or Clinton in the White House. I can't imagine how anyone could support either of these two candidates. But I don't do the deciding about such matters.

In this forum I will simply bring up Carson's statement when he wished the American people would start realizing that other Americans are not our enemies; the people who try to divide us are.

I was in Chicago for a week after you got back from your vacation. My mother, bless her heart, is still kicking at 90. She, like me, is a conservative. On the other hand, my sister and her husband are extremely liberal. We get along just fine, and there is no division except what we punch in the ballot box. This is what one mostly sees in the real world. Out there, people who are conservatives or liberals get along just fine, participating in mutual activities, work, church, school activities with the kids, etc. Then you go into the electronic world and all of a sudden everyone is a huge enemy with a hate on for the people they were just sharing potato salad with.

There is a 3rd class: people who want to demonize, create enemies, and divide Americans to put us all at each others' throats.

These are the people who are our enemies. These are the people who should be denounced.

Here's are group of my new feminist heroes. We also call our 3 female cats Les Brigandes in honor of the French group. You will notice that the sword brings a reference to Joan of Arc. An interesting aspect is that in other countries the issues are divided differently in terms of left and right. And with the possible collapse of the EU due to mass immigration, the differences between what we categorize as left and right are even more pronounced.