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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's the Frequency, Chaffetz?

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So, I wanted to take note that the replacement for John Boehner is very much contested. There's Kevin McCarthy, who recently suggested that a 72-week old probe was all about shafting the Hillary Clinton campaign for presidency, which seems to have been a typical moment of bad articulation. There is David Duke without the baggage, except for all the baggage, Steve Scalise. And maybe a player to be named later as a total joke.

So Jason Chaffetz is a real thing that could happen. He's down with a shutdown or fiddling about with the debt ceiling. He bullied the Planned Parenthood lady. So basically, he's an idiot asshole, and completely ready for the job.

I think Chaffetz is the likely favorite, but we can tune in 10/29 to know for sure.

Update: I can't believe I forgot Florida Man Rep. Dan Webster. I do think he's not as likely to be Speaker, though.

Update 2: And apparently "Chaffetz" has now become a verb.


mikey said...

Chait, a couple days ago:

Having deemed the status quo after two years of Obamaism a socialist monstrosity, the rebels demanded that the GOP bend the president to its will. Lacking the two-thirds majority required in both chambers to override a veto, however, it never had a chance to do this. None of which prevented bitter recriminations. The ultimate source of right-wing anger at Boehner was the Obama administration’s continued existence.

Vixen Strangely said...

A bunch of anti-government folks got elected to Congress; it only makes sense they'd eventually try to burn down the House. Boehner was willing to play with matches, but never right into the kerosene.