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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some People Were Right, Some Were Wrong

I think Joe Biden made the right choice. Running for president is a big f'ing deal and you have to really want it. I like Biden and believe he's one of the most knowledgeable, genuine, and nice people in politics. That's part of the  problem with a Biden campaign though. Too nice. Not a great filter for what he really thinks.

I think the talk about Biden running was a sign of people running away with DC gossip. Lesson: one man's gossip is another's disinfo campaign. Also, folks running polls with Biden in the mix should probably apologize or something.

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mikey said...

I agree with the politics, less so with the Biden evaluation. But it was too late for him to get started, and he would be competing with Hillary for institutional funding while Sanders hoovers up the lefty money. He wouldn't win, but he would have made it harder for the Dems to win the general election. I'd like to think he was cognizant of that.

Also, too, Krugman has a real good take on the whole issue: