Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bobby Jindal is a Ridiculous Poser

For some reason, LA Gov. Bobby Jindal thinks everything is better with a helping of maximum Jeeeeeeeesus. Which is why he would go after Planned Parenthood with so many totally political and extra-legal prosecutions of Planned Parenthood it wouldn't even be funny. As in, sending government agencies to strong-arm non-profit organizations isn't funny.

What the hell is wrong with Bobby Jindal? Because in another context, he kind of implied that it would be worthy of prison for any officials to let their agencies be used in a political way,  But apparently, if the IRS was used as Bobby Jindal's shitstirrer, that would be different.

It would not be different. Stop pretending you can use the federal government to be sicced on your pet peeves, Bobby Jindal. We already don't like you. Let's not make it chronic.


mikey said...

When the leaders for the nomination are Trump and Carson, you can't screw around with half-assed crazy. You gotta bring the full spectrum weaponized bull goose looney kind of crazy, or you not only don't get noticed, if you do it's as a squish not tough enough to be the President of crazyville...

Vixen Strangely said...

This sort of works very well because whoever the "last man standing" on the GOP side will have had to have made many "untakebackable" statements that would only hurt in a general election. Their assumptions about what the primaries entail shut out any recognition of non-GOP mindsets. The people who do not even want to vacation in crazyville should be up for voting the Dem opposition to Cray-provided the Dem candidate successfully is capable of Cray-distancing.

Being able to say "I'm X, and I am anti-cray" should actually be a powerful election tool. I'd be fascinated to see it used.