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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just A Minute to Contemplate Clown Shoes Cruz

One of the "winners" of the latest debate was ultra-conservative Ted Cruz, who superficially looks like a very serious sort were you to peruse his CV.  If you got particularly granular, you might wonder a bit at how his papa is a major influence in his life.

But you would stop wondering knowing that he's participating in a summit with Kevin Swanson, who thinks that calling for gay people to be put to death is perfectly fine. Required by the Bible, actually. Now, no surprise here, Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Gov. Mike Huckabee are also on board. But we already know they aren't serious people--Bobby Jindal is about as likeable as herpes and Mike Huckabee has ridiculously beshitted his campaign with problematic and general-election-disqualifying religious right signifying. They can't win.

Cruz, though?

Ted Cruz doesn't have to show up at this thing. He could just say no. He could retain serious evangelical bona fides while still turning his back and saying "O, I have beheld that gay folks are also human, and I will abstain from your murderous point of view because I mean to be a uniter." Might lose him the hardest core of homophobic wingers like Perkins and Barber and them, but earn him a different kind of cred. The kind of "Only Nixon" cred. Only Ted Cruz, PK and Christian truthteller, can stand up to the hardest of the Christian Rightwing and tell them to go stuff it--

He couldn't though, and win the primary--could he? See, I think back on that Cake or Death question on the regular. I wouldn't be surprised if Ted wanted to have cake and flirt with death, too. Allow gays to eat cake--but want them put to death too. Thread a needle that should not, by any rights, exist. Acknowledge them as people and voters and family of people who also vote--and temporarily flirt with not being that guy--getting into office, then totally being that guy.

If Ted Cruz goes and participates in this thing--well, you know what he is. If he turns around and doesn't--it doesn't mean anything. I'm not with PFAW on this--his declining doesn't mean as much to me as his early acceptance of the invite. His declining for political reasons would not change who he is and what he believes.

Oh, and I call him, privately, "Clown Shoes". Rhymes with "Ted Cruz". But it's like he's this facsimile of a perfectly ordinary serious senator, but when you look at the bottom of his trouser cuffs--clown shoes. Clown shoes Cruz, Born to Lose, Only wants to see his face in the news. Looks like someone who has some use, but look closer--clown shoes.

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