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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ted Cruz Wants to Have Cake and Eat it, Too?

I think it's kind of interesting that Senator Cruz met with two gay businessmen and how the framing is that they are possible donors. (I kind of also question how quickly people are going to Defcon One over the possibility that they might be considering donating anything to Cruz. Really? Does meeting with an anti-gay candidate actually give someone anti-gay cooties? Even a gay person?) Isn't whether Cruz is courting the gay vote at all an issue? A, um, Cruz-problem, not a gay businessmen problem?

Let's be real--nobody is questioning where Ted Cruz really stands on gay marriage, because he is against it. When he says he might love his daughter anyway if one of them were gay, I don't doubt it, but I do think his stance would be really rough on his future possible daughter-in-law. And let's give him the benefit of the doubt: he can hear out what gay people have to say, if he thinks they can pony up the price of admission. Whether he takes away anything from it is anyone's guess.

Is he courting the gay business dollar because the pro-business dollar is a good dollar? Why sure! Do we think he might be pretending to be just a little less-anti-gay in the hopes of getting that dollar? Well, yeah, but are even Weiderpass and Reisner buying it? (I don't know--are they? I don't.)

Those Oregon bakers could have learned from Cruz' example though. Cake, but antagonism. The cake, but go ahead and disapprove of gays, too.  Does anyone really think their options are just...cake or death? (I'll take cake, thanks!)

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Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, single-issue voters frequently run into this problem.

Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner are pro the revisionist view of marriage. At the same time, they are extremely successful American businessmen, and as such have a lot of important issues beyond the narrow focus of marriage. It is even possible that their business empire has requirements that they consider more vital than who can or cannot get married.

Now the category of American we refer to as gay is boycotting their hotel. This is ironic, because gay advocates of same sex marriage are now boycotting other gay advocates of same sex marriage. And this is the way everyone eventually eats their own.

My info suggests that Ted Cruz doesn't actually expect to be president. He is gaining an national reputation for a run sometime in the future. And naturally, to be remembered he throws out a lot of Republican raw meat. But as you know, this is the ordinary tactic for the right and the left, and then after shoring up the base, everyone moves toward the middle.

So my suggestion is to watch and see if Ted moves to the middle. If he does, it's more likely he really going to run. If he doesn't, then it's more likely that he's getting his name on the national stage in anticipation of a run further up the road.

As Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana demonstrated, there are a lot of gays who frankly disagree that homosexuals should be married or parents through IVF. So it should hardly be surprising that a lot of people are basically in agreement with them. If the marriage contention is not even ubiquitously supported among gays, then how could it be reasonably expected that everyone else should be?