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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jeb Bush Has to Go

He's at a place in the polls where he's unlikely to emerge as a winner, so why single out poor Jeb!? Because he is simply the worst candidate in the world. Period. He's released a healthcare plan--of sorts, that is probably the least-thought out thing a supposedly serious candidate could release--but the thing of it is--he dropped it like it was hot. There's no protection for pre-existing conditions and it rolls back the gains for women's health care under Obamacare. Having a female reproductive system is back to being a pre-existing condition. This idiocy is coming from a candidate that should have heard the criticism when his idiot idea that women weren't worth $500M in health care spending (about $2 and change for every woman in the US) and tried to learn.

Lessons learned? Bush men aren't learners. But Jeb! is toxically worse than he ought to be. He says the government should not meddle, but his record is of concern-trolling in the right of a minor to choose abortion, and the right of people to a dignified end of life.

I think I was wrong--Bush doesn't not want to be President--maybe he actually does and is just horrifically stupid. He was born on third base and thought he hit a triple--like Ann Richards said of his brother. Like you could even say of Donald Trump. But his fecklessness is an inability to grasp that other people have rights and judgment and will criticize him. And he ought to be criticized a lot. His low place in the polls is earned because he brings nothing good or new. At least Rubio is young. He might learn.

One can reasonably despair of Jeb! doing any such thing. And campaign-watchers probably also know.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The upper-class twit thinks that Daddy's friends will pull strings to get him the White House just like they did for his brother.

The real question is, will the Supreme Court try their 2000 dickery all over again? I don't think they could pull that off without a wholesale revolt among the voters.