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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Your Money or Your Life!

The extortionate view of Martin Shkreli underlines the (im)morality of capitalism--if one holds the means of production of a life-saving drug, then one can claim the price of one life for the supply of that drug. I was half the day trying to search my back issues for what the grim mercenary quality of Shkreli reminded me of, until I just this minute saw Loomis at LGM--and realized--Excitable Boy! This soulless gouger reminded me of the big talk of Alessio Rastani and how it gave me a very good appreciation of the relative psychopathy, or at least, sociopathy, of the mega-wealthy.
In the starkest terms, this is the crux of what health care regulation is about--if one's life is at stake, nothing but law prevents fuckery with the mechanisms of virtually, life-or-death processes. We have people out there prepared to charge a ransom without having the decency to kidnap anyone.

Takeaways--rich people really are different from you or me: I would say Donald Trump probably has a skewed worldview for example because, as Cyndi Lauper explained, "Money Changes Everything". So various groups are subservient to his ultimate ends. Because why not?

That medicinal costs need regulation because this economic power over life or death is monstrous.

And also, using Warren Zevon tunes as a mnemonic will help you in your blog searches.

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