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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kim Davis and a Horse of a Different Color

When Kim Clerk Il first started denying marriage licenses to people who wanted to get married, her shtick was quaint, but she sort of had a point--she swore an oath to do a job under terms she agreed with, but then all of a sudden, the Constitution she thought she could uphold gave a place to gay people. And she wroth wrath-ish. I wasn't keen on her enterprise, believing that resignation was better than breaking the oath she took to uphold the Constitution, and generally assuming that most counsel would advise that the Supreme Court was more authoritative than her own self-determination, anyway.

But her latest in altering forms so that the deputy clerks have possibly issued invalid licenses is on a new level of fuckery.--it becomes clear that she doesn't care about other people's exercise of their own personal moral code. Consider whether anyone already had marriage vows performed with the understanding that the license issued was valid--how is this not fraud for them? They believed they obtained a legal document they were entitled to under the law, and went before an officiant of their choosing on the basis of an assumption that this document was legal--and along comes fraudulent Kim Davis. What if some couples receiving this news that their marriage was not legally-binding, were under the impression that their own legal and moral right to cohabitate and consummate their vows depended upon this legal documentation?

This is a perpetration of a fraud on these couples, and this is an abuse of her office. She can not possibly claim that her religion has a right over these citizens' reasonable expectation that the law of the land applies to them, because of a fallacious justification that any one person's bias abrogates that right. She is up shit creek with this nonsense. And her counsel is horrendous.

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